congregation1Mass Online

Frs. David Cartwright and Dean Mathieson will live-stream Mass each Sunday at 10:30am from one of the churches of the new Bayside Catholic Mission. You will find the broadcast here on the Bayside Catholic Mission website.  Unfortunately, public attendance at places of worship is restricted due to COVID-19. 

Church Services

COVID-19 restrictions permit indoor religious ceremonies with only a limited number of people.  You need to book your place before attending Mass.  Bookings can be made by clicking on this link to the TryBooking website.  

The list below shows the times for Sunday Mass in the churches of the Bayside Catholic Mission.

Sat    5:00pm  Sacred Heart        13 Fernhill Road, Sandringham 
  6:00pm  St Mary's 59 Holyrood Street, Hampton 
Sun  8:00am  St Joseph's 542 Balcombe Road, Black Rock 
  9:00am  Sacred Heart  13 Fernhill Road, Sandringham 
  10:30am       Stella Maris  2 Charlotte Road, Beaumaris 
  11:00am  St Joan of Arc  118 New Street, Brighton 
  5:30pm  St James' (currently held at St Joan of Arc) 


The following list gives the times and locations for weekday Masses.

Mon   9:15am        St Mary's, Hampton
Tue  9:15am Sacred Heart, Sandringham
  7:00pm St Joan of Arc, Brighton (6:30pm Adoration and Confessions)
Wed  9:15am Sacred Heart, Sandringham
  9:15am St Joseph's, Black Rock
Thu  9:15am Stella Maris, Beaumaris
  9:15am St Mary's, Hampton
Fri  9:15am St Joseph's, Black Rock
  9:15am St Joan of Arc, Brighton
Sat  9:15am Stella Maris, Beaumaris (followed by Adoration and Confessions) 


Please refer to the Bayside Catholic Mission website or our weekly bulletins for updates on Mass and Reconcilliation times.